3D Fashion

Virtual Fabric

Virtual Fashion is on its growth curve as you may have read in articles from Forbes Magazine, Reuters and co. Therefore the following images show a fully digitally designed and simulated outfit. The basic geometry was provided by "The Fabricant" from Amsterdam which gave its design birth by training an Artificial Intelligence with photographs from the Paris Fashion Week to let it hallucinate something unexpected out of it. On that basis they built up virtually its geometrical forms and shapes in 3D. From there I took over the digitized outfit, re-designed and simulated its fabrics. It was important to me to explore and show (virtually) interesting material qualities and contrasts that at the same time complement each other in harmonious and beautiful ways. Consequently you can see contrasts between natural and synthetic fabrics, as wells as light and heavy ones, opaque and translucent, bright and dark, mat and shiney, structured and smooth ones etc. I decided to design and simulate the left main side with a dynamic painiting, including the canvas structure, by the modern abstract expressionist Franz Kline, calmed down by the right side, a basic wool knit material in earth tones, highly detailed in texture with slight variations and freely flying fibres. Based on that I went down more reflective and close the figure by contrasting it with very light and translucent silk. Because of the original image is generated in 120 megapixels, I decided to cut it into faster loading pieces to be able to show its level of detail, so the viewer is able to explore its levels of qualities in micro as well as macro vision.